9 Reasons to Relocate to Palos Verdes Estates

9 Reasons to Relocate to Palos Verdes Estates

  • Terri Dunn
  • 05/2/23

Relocating to a new area is ripe with excitement. From discovering your favorite haunt to carving out a new group of friends, there’s something undeniably attractive about a fresh start.

What’s less straightforward is choosing where to relocate. Unless you’re moving to a specific place because of a job, your partner, or a family member, you may have a touch of freedom in choosing where to set down roots. The question then becomes, where should I start searching for a new home?

Palos Verdes Estates is the optimal spot to begin. Situated on the enchanting Palos Verdes Peninsula on the southwestern tip of Los Angeles, this posh enclave is frequently deemed one of California's most coveted zip codes. Palos Verdes Estates real estate pro Terri Dunn reviews the nine leading reasons to call this stunning, historic region home.

1. Glorious weather

Southern California is globally renowned for its startlingly blue skies, perennial sunshine, and perfect temps. Palos Verdes Estates doesn’t just contribute to this region’s reputation; it exemplifies it. Temperatures here rarely dip below the 50s and seldom rise above the 80s. This is beach weather at its finest, without the exceedingly hot temps in places like Florida. This impeccable climate doesn’t just prompt residents to relish ample time outside, like dedicating a weekend morning to walking around the Point Vicente Lighthouse. It also makes one feel healthier, happier, and more at ease in general.

2. Ideal location

Palos Verdes Estates is just far enough away from downtown Los Angeles to feel as if it is its own world but also close enough to enjoy LA’s world-famous attractions, from the bars and music venues that line Sunset Boulevard to the Santa Monica Pier on its gorgeous Westside. Indeed, Palos Verdes Estates is located within driving distance of:
  • Hollywood
  • Malibu
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • Torrance
  • Hermosa Beach
  • San Diego
Whether you commute to work in El Segundo or want to take a weekend getaway to La Jolla, Palos Verdes Estates serves as a commuter’s paradise.

3. Breathtaking homes

Palos Verdes Estates' real estate options are exquisite. Featuring beautiful, single-family dwellings with lush landscaping, glimmering pools, sprawling estates with staggering views, and high-profile properties that could double as resorts, the enclave abounds with ultra-desirable homes, and one of them could be yours.

This, combined with its superb location and impeccable climate, is reflected in the strength and competitiveness of its housing market and underscores why so many people throughout the country (and even the world) are interested in exploring Palos Verdes Estates homes for sale.

4. Phenomenal views

If your idea of heaven is extensive vistas of the glittering Pacific, relocating to Palos Verdes Estates might be the ultimate game changer. California’s rugged, picturesque coast is on full display on the peninsula, and on clear days, you may be able to see as far as Redondo Beach and Malibu. Cliffs, mountains, and slopes amplify the dramatic beauty of the “PV” peninsula, which makes every day feel as if you’re on an unforgettable vacation.

5. World-class outdoor recreation

Palos Verdes Estates enjoys a slightly rural feel, which is ideal for anyone who considers themselves an outdoor enthusiast. You will have countless ways to work up a sweat outside, such as:
  • Hiking (especially at Bluff Cove)
  • Mountain bike riding
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis
Palos Verdes Estates is also a mecca for golfers. The peninsula is home to a handful of high-end golf courses and country clubs.

6. Ample serenity

Despite its first-rate attributes, Palos Verdes Estates and the peninsula as a whole are considered Los Angeles’ most incredible “hidden gems.” As such, the region sees far fewer tourists than places like Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Venice. This is precisely how its residents like it, as it lends tremendous peace and quiet to the area.

7. Top-notch dining

Los Angeles is frequently rated one of the top culinary destinations on the globe. Residents of Palos Verdes Estates savor this — both in Los Angeles proper and in their own more laid-back but nonetheless refined haven.

Ocean-view restaurants are abundant in this region, from iconic spots like Admiral Risty to the swank Mar’sel in Rancho Palos Verdes (one of the other communities that makes up the entirety of the peninsula). Even familiar spots, like Starbucks, feature spacious patios and divine coastal views. We did mention that living here feels like an endless vacation, didn’t we?

8. Stellar schools

The Palos Verdes Unified School District is noted for its academic excellence and first-rate teachers. A few of the best schools on the peninsula include:
  • Lunada Bay Elementary School
  • Palos Verdes Intermediate School
  • Montemalaga Elementary School
  • Rolling Hills Country Day School
Even if you don’t have children, don’t plan to, or yours have already grown and flown, bear in mind that stand-out school districts drive property values.

9. A sanctuary for equestrians

Happen to count horseback riding as one of your biggest passions? The idea of living in Palos Verdes Estates will be all the richer and more persuasive once you realize that it has a thriving equestrian community. The peninsula boasts several riding clubs, including the spectacular Portuguese Bend Riding Center — an upscale riding club that offers riding lessons and training.

Ready to make your move to Palos Verdes Estates?

Relocating to a new area can be a thrilling enterprise if you select a region that exceeds your expectations. Palos Verdes Estates is just that sort of place. From its quiet and beauty to its luxury properties, it furnishes its residents with the ultimate lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about houses for sale in Palos Verdes Estates, Terri Dunn would be delighted to have a conversation with you. The South Bay native brings a comprehensive understanding of Palos Verdes Estates to her transactions and works diligently on her client’s behalf to ensure they have a satisfying, immaculate experience. Reach out to her today to discover the wondrous life that awaits in Palos Verdes Estates.

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